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Welcome to the Ecolife Element!

We are a start-up social enterprise focusing on resilient practices and services that encourage ecological and social change.


Focusing on an emerging future, we look to create resilience that allows for a community to become water, food, energy and economically secure.

Currently set-up as a think tank and idea incubator, our research has led us to integrate solutions found in different parts of the world, to create a systemic design through which asset living is possible.
We look to implementing such a project with collaboration with different partners and experts in the field and hence welcome inquiries.
Our current concept applies to the island of Cyprus. Cyprus, due to its geographical location, infrastructure, size, and potential, is a great starting point to showcase a model.
 Cy final
The concept it so create a prototype village that will showcase a resilient model of living, that can then branch out to other villages around the island creating a network.
These villages will be responsible for creating their own water, food, power and work security, and with good design will become asset villages; villages that fund those living there rather than incur costs. The village will constitute of new technology, yet by systemic design keeping ethics in place, and principles of zero-waste, we believe it is possible to set-up an environment that changes the rules of the game; an economic model that tends to the needs of the people, and the environment.
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