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Permaculture Design Course with Atsas Training Centre

Ecolife Element co-founder Mr. Gabriel Pandelis joins Ms. Sofia Matsi (Petrera Permaculture Land) to co-facilitate a PDC (Permaculture Design Course) with Mr. Nicolas Netien (Manager of Atsas Farm) at the Atsas Training Centre. This 11 day intensive training in the use of Permacutlure, covering ethic and principles, design, water capture soil and much more, allowed […]

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Introducing Solutions toward a Local Resilient Eco-Culture

A GLOBAL SHAPERS Nicosia Hub collaboration with the ECOLIFE ELEMENT Ltd. evening presented: Introducing Solutions toward a Local Resilient Eco-Culture. On the 9th of November, 2015, the Ecolife Element presented a hour talk about the company and activities, current global challenges that may affect us in the coming decades and 3 systemic solutions that our […]

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The Blue Economy in Cyprus

Blue Economy Business School Graduate in Cyprus The Blue Economy is a systemic economic model that mimics nature’s resilience. Beyond the Green Economy and the Circular Economy lies another economic model that goes beyond sustainability by becoming resilient toward external influence. An intensive summer school held by the University of Pecs in Hungary. The Blue […]

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American youth Leadership Program

American Youth Leadership Program come to visit the permaculture land ‘Ierokipio’ American teenage students joined us for to experience our eco-workshop; an introduction to permaculture principles! Even though it was a hot day, we managed to set the foundations and start creating a bug hotel, do some mulching with cardboard and hay, and learn how […]

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Presentation to American youth

Presentation at the Fulbright (Nicosia) We were invited to present the focus points of Ecolife at the Fulbright building in Nicosia. We presented to 20 or so high-school students ages 14-17 who arrived from the US (mostly Virginia, but also from Maryland, Kentucky and as far as Arizona) and are here in Cyprus to experience […]

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