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The Blue Economy in Cyprus

Blue Economy Business School Graduate in Cyprus

The Blue Economy is a systemic economic model that mimics nature’s resilience. Beyond the Green Economy and the Circular Economy lies another economic model that goes beyond sustainability by becoming resilient toward external influence.

An intensive summer school held by the University of Pecs in Hungary. The Blue Economy, as coined by Prof. Gunter Pauli, is an intricate economic model for a resilient economy, that reflects natural systems and ethics.

Projects are local and are based on systemic integration between the inputs and outputs of different industries. This creates a wider community, job creation, keeping the wealth local to increase the local economy and minimizing/eliminating waste to landfills.

Take coffee for example, after we have enjoyed a cup at the local coffee-shop, the coffee grains are discarded. Only 0.2% of the coffee was actually used, with a massive 99.8% heading for the landfill. This coffee waste is an output. So, what can be done?

Coffee has many attributes and uses. In the case of the Blue Economy model in Paris, the coffee is taken and brought to a shipping container that then uses the ‘waste’ to grow high quality mushrooms. But is there no waste from there? Sure!!

The coffee from the used substrate is then taken and embedded into micro-fibres that are used in shoes (Timberline) and clothing (Adidas) for odour control.

What was once waste, has now created 2 new industries.

The Blue Economy looks to nature, uses natural properties, considers ethics in action while also creating job, new industries, and new technologies. Projects are not limited in scale; this coffee concept is a wonderful example, while El Hierro (the first energy independent island in the world), and in Sardinia (whereby a petroleum processing plant has been converted into a bio-plastics plant using what is locally abundant; the thistle) are just some examples of the scale and potential available.

At the forefront and the founder of the Blue Economy is Prof. Gunter Pauli. We had the pleasure of his company during part of our Blue Economy training, while also the presence of 10 or so professors, industry leaders and inventors to broaden our minds and impart such a significant topic.


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