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The Source

The Source

The quest to find the source(s) of the challenges we face today has led us to observe the evolution of capitalism, business practices, beliefs, economies, psychology and much more. Why are we, as a human race, taking the actions we are – and in doing so, destroying the very fabric of our home planet?

This quest has led us to the work by Dr. Otto Scharmer (senior lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, MA) and co-founder of the Presencing Institute) that we most identify with.

Dr. Scharmer has also been on a similar quest and therefore it is no surprise that our observations concur.

What Dr. Scharmer has identified are 3 main disconnects that we as a Global society display:

3 divides


The Ecological Divide – Originates from the disconnection between Ourselves and Nature

The Social Divide – Originates from the disconnection between Ourselves and Others around us

The Spiritual Divide – Originates from the disconnection between our self (what we see) and our Self (who we know we are).


These 3 divides create dis-harmony in society producing 8 different symptoms identified as:

  • A disconnect between the financial and the real economy.
  • A disconnect between the infinite growth imperative and the finite resources of Planet Earth.
  • A disconnect between the Haves and the Have Nots.
  • A disconnect between institutional leadership and people.
  • A disconnect between gross domestic product (GDP) and well-being.
  • A disconnect between governance and the voiceless in our systems.
  • A disconnect between actual ownership forms and best societal use of property.
  • A disconnect between technology and real societal needs.

These disconnects produce systems that are inherently designed to not learn. Without the decision-makers experiencing the impact of their decisions due to the lack or broken feedback loops there is no learning and as a result institutions tend to change too little and too late.

Therefore, if we are to create a resilient lasting solution to the root causes of our societal challenges, it would have to come from the orange area identified above.. a space that can only be approached with deep listening, empathy, and an ‘us’ consciousness.


Economic and business models have evolved over time and observing the current economic, financial, and business practices under the current neoclassical economic model indicates a critical and non-sustainable economy that is risky, and detrimental to the environment. It is completely unsustainable and needs an upgrade especially as the current world we live in is actually borrowed from our children and future generations.


It the words of one of the many genius’ that have made their mark on our planet…


We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them

-Albert Einstein


We can not change a system that is based on a neoclassical economic model, and that is controlled by large interests and financial bodies.

We therefore need a new economic model that is designed to work for the people and the environment and tends to the 3 disconnects. Observing the current trend and past evolution of the economy will provide insight as to how to evolve an economy that trends toward a proactive life-affirming direction.


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