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The Green Month



At The Ecolife Element, one of our areas of focus is to promote networking and environmental awareness via events.

The Green Month was organized for the first time by The Ecolife Element in the Spring 2015 with the aim of educating and broadening the knowledge and choices of individuals already involved in sustainable development as well as people interested in learning how to live in a sustainable manner using less energy, water, time and effort and utilizing more local and natural resources, using regenerative thinking techniques, and team collaboration, all together contributing to a greater worldview.

The encouraging response and participation in the workshops and seminars facilitated by qualified instructors is the reason why the Green Month 2016 is being planned to take place next spring in the hope that this effort will be established annually.



People working with land and landscape design, agriculturists, agronomers, people associated with energy and power, environmentalists, engineers, designers, people involved in water systems and procedures, scientists, researchers, academics, local government, green businesses and all interested in sustainability, self-dependency, autonomy and bettering their quality of life.

All about the Green Month 2015, click here.



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