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In order to develop a Resilient Economy we have observed different system models that have been put into practice and proven themselves over the test of time.

First and foremost we have been inspired by NATURE. Nature, in its 3.5 billion year history has show the ultimate resilience toward changes; from environmental impacts like asteroids, to its latest challenge – mankind’s impact.

What we observe are the following characteristics:

  • Ethics & Integrity
  • Systems and sub systems
  • remains in balance
  • auto managing
  • resilient
  • multiple functions
  • multiple benefits and adds value
  • zero waste
  • communication
  • soil structure
  • everything works together locally


A pioneer who has been using these principles since the 1990’s is Prof. Gunter Pauli who’s approach to economic models closely reflects those of nature.

Prof. Pauli has termed this new economic model ‘The Blue Economy’ as it goes beyond what has been the ‘green economy’ by factoring in the wholeness of the product or service and its impact on the people and the environment.

Incorporating this model we can summarise:


The RESILIENT ECONOMY is “To develop our human economies in harmony with nature”


The Guidelines then follow:

  • Ethics at the core (people care, environment, community, wealth distribution, etc).
  • integrates systems
  • autopoesis (self managing)
  • structured organisation
  • zero waste (outputs become inputs)
  • Resilient -> multiple inputs/outputs, benefits, biodiversity..
  • inspired by & mimics nature
  • creates jobs
  • keeps the wealth local
  • creates diversity
  • provides for a need


With the foundation established, we have investigated different examples, projects, business practices and so forth to bring together the best integrated model of what we believe is a way forward for local communities, countries, and humanity in general.

We have put together a prototype that is continually evolving and what appears on this site is only a synopsis of the extended model.



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