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The Prototype – Asset Living

The overall prototype is the model that we put forward that we expect to offer a holistic solution to the current challenges.

We believe that the most important challenge of today is to invent and prototype a new form of economy that will power, scale and sustain the future economy – the Resilient Economy. In other words, we need to upgrade the economic operating system from ego-system to eco-system logic and awareness.

Asset living is a term we use to define an environment of surplus. For any economy to function and be resilient, it needs to have a surplus of its basic needs and a multitude of focal areas. This provides resilience to the whole system itself.

In brief, this would include a surplus of:

  • water
  • food
  • heat
  • energy and electricity
  • work


In order to achieve this we have integrated successful projects from around the globe into an integrated system. This is the Resilient Economy that we envisage.


The overall model is broken down into 4 different areas (called ‘zones’) that serve their own individual purposes yet still integrated with the other ‘zones’.

To visualise this, we have taken a photo from a sample landscape in Cyprus that will serve as our example area. Below is the photo with the different zones.




Each zone has been presented as a possible real case scenario so as to provide an concept of how the prototype will be set up.

ZONE 1      ZONE 2      ZONE 3      ZONE 4



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