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Zone 1

Zone 1 – Reforestation Area

Zone 1 are the highest lands that are at a gradient of 25° or greater. This zone is key as it supplies the water security to zones 2 & 3 as well as anyone downstream.

Reforestation Area creates a cooler micro climate that increases rainfall, decreases evapotranspiration (responsible for 86% of water loss from the island) and provides some basic income streams – minimally from wood, but more so from other products. Here we replant various indigenous types of trees and bushes. It is strictly off-limits to human and domestic animal use, and only the care-takers are allowed access.

Soil Organic Matter is of key importance, and advantages include:

  • 1% increase in SOG can absorb/store 150,000 litres / hectare
  • Enhanced fertility and productivity
  • Reduced nutrient leaching
  • Resistance to soil erosion



“A nation that destroys its soil, destroys itself”

— Franklin D. Roosevelt, Former President of the USA.

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