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Economy 4.0

The Resilient Economy

We must change the way business and economies are run in order to support the Resilient Economy and a future of resilience.

We previously stated that we envisage the new economy as the following:

3rd Industrial Revolution is the Resilient Economy – with human centric technologies that work with a global viewpoint and with conscious action toward a better collective good of man and environment. Co- creative and collaborative networks sharing common resources using awareness-based collective action. The financial system of transparency, engagement with the community that values localised cultural capital.


Presently neo-classical capitalism seems to be the most used for of capitalism in the west, and our aim is to offer a more secure and resilient form of economy, based on sound and proven models.

The meaning of ‘economy’ encompasses a wide range of activities and meanings and therefore we will offer the concepts without details of the interrelationships with the present prototype model, as this is a scenario model and not an actual working piece.


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